Ak420 Fem



AK420 Fem is a hybrid from AK47 BCN Selection that gives fantastic results in harvest and delivery. She has a refreshing herbal pine flavor and is an excellent choice for beginners.

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Strain Description

AK420, is a crossbreed or selection of the popular AK47 strain. She produces above-average yields, and a pleasant anti-anxiety effect. Genetically she hails from Afghan Kush. AK420 is recommended for beginners due to its robust growth characteristics. with a fresh floral pine and citrus blend her flavor profile paralells that of her ancestrory of Afghan Kush.

Strain Performance

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Indica 35%
Sativa % 65%
Ruderalis % 0%
THC % 22%
Indoor Yield 450 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield 585 gr/m2
Time To Flower 7 to 9 Weeks
Terpenes Caryophyllene,Limonene
Skill Level Advanced
Tinctures Yes
Rosin No
Oil Yes
Hash Yes
Shatter Yes


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